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O herói da foto é o Nome da Criança, atendido pelo ICD. Foto: Nome do Fotógrafo.

Our History

The Institute for Children with Diabetes (ICD), private nonprofit entity, operating since January 2004, provides interdisciplinary assistance to more than 4 thousand children and teens with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes (DM1 and DM2) through a Continuous Education Program on Diabetes, Treatment (with access to new technologies) and Social Assistance in a full infrastructure with Day Hospital, Ambulatory Care, and a Hotline for specific assistance to patients, family members and caretakers.

The entire assistance is free of charge through the Brazilian Public Health System (SUS), in a partnership agreement with the Conceição Hospital Group (GHC), linked to the Ministry of Health. A technical team formed by endocrinologists, a nephrologist, ophthalmologists, a psychiatrist, nurses, nutritionists, a psychologist, dentists, social-assistants and a physical educator provides full assistance to patients.

Over its 18 years working side by side with patients, ICD brought a new vision as far as health care for children and teens with diabetes in Brazil, where its assistance with multiple well trained professionals is combined with a daily education program, reaching the patients’ entire family. The successful impact of this undertaking can be easily verified with a 94% reduction in hospital stays.

The Eagle Story

The eagle gently pushes her baby eagles to the edge of the nest. Her motherly heart speeds up with conflicting emotions, while she feels the resistance from her baby eagles to her persistent pushing:

“Why must the thrill of flying start with the fear of falling?,” she thought. This ancient question had not been answered for her yet…

According to the tradition of the species, the nest was placed at the very top of a rocky summit, and beneath it, just the abyss and the air to sustain the baby eagles’ wings.

“What if it doesn’t work this time?” she thought.

Despite her fear, the eagle knew that was the right moment. Her motherly mission was about to be fulfilled. There was still one task remaining… the final push.

The eagle empowered herself with the courage from her inner wisdom. Her baby eagles’ lives will have no purpose until they discover their wings. Only by learning how to fly will they understand what a privilege it is to be born an eagle.

Pushing them was the greatest gift she could ever give them. That was her supreme act of love. And then, one by one, she pushed them down the abyss… and they flew!

Mission, Vision and Principles


Assist children, teens and their families, through specialized and interdisciplinary treatment, providing knowledge and access to available resources in order to have a healthy life with diabetes.


Be a reference in Latin America in preventive orientation of complications through education and treatment practices for children and teens with diabetes.


1. ETHICS and TRANSPARENCY: reason of our credibility

2. ASSISTANCE: welcoming patients and their families

3. KNOWLEDGE and RESEARCH: guaranteeing assistance excellence

4. TEAM WORK: resulting from respect and organization

5. AFFECTION: what makes us human and persevere

Board and Directory

Administration Board

Paulo Roberto Falcão

Vice President
Paulo Afonso Pereira

Fábio Luiz Gomes
Roberto Luiz Weber
Cláudio Baldino Maciel
Fernanda Zanoto Kraemer
Helidomar Burity Borba
Paulo Menzel
Rogério Amaral



Managing Director
Balduino Tschiedel

Bruce Bartholow Duncan
Luciano Périco
Maria Inês Schmidt
Mauren Papadopol

Executive Manager
Ana B. Lima Bertuol


Audit Committee

Evandro Raul dos Santos

Vice President
Fernando Bertuol

Pedro Luce


Your donation really does make a difference in the treatment of our children and teens, to control the disease and reduce hospital stays towards a life free of complications from diabetes.


Your donation really does make a difference in the treatment of our children and teens, to control the disease and reduce hospital stays towards a life free of complications from diabetes.


Assistance hours

Monday through Friday, 
from 8am to 5pm



To schedule an appointment

  • Ambulatory Care: +55 51 3341.4511 | 3357.2697
  • Day Hospital: +55 51 3357.2698







Rua Álvares Cabral, 529
Cristo Redentor - 91350-250
Porto Alegre/RS


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